Overview of Luxurious Handbags Throughout the years.
Handbag is a North American term used to describe a handled medium-to-large stylishly designed bag, prominently used by women, for carrying their personal belongings. The British use handbags as a means to transport articles other than money. Because prime minister Margaret Thatcher was known for retrieving papers from her large purse and proceed to read them. Which the local town folks referred to as “handbagging”. During the seventeenth century women were required to attend school and learn how to embroider handbags. They’d had to do this in order to be seen as a suitable wife. Back in 1841 an entrepreneur confectioner named Samuel Parkinson decided to create a large bag for his wives belongings. This was after noticing her pocket books were way too small. Depending on where they were traveling, Mr. Parkinson made a variety of different sized handbags. Which he requested to be made using genuine leather and are now proudly displayed at Amsterdam’s “Museum of Bags and Purses”. The first known handbag to be created for men was over five-thousand years ago. They’d use them to carry a wide variety of items.

For Instance:
* Wallets
* Tobacco smoking pipes
* Pocket knives
* Matches

Eventually this became a passing fad, making a come back in the 1970’s over in Europe. Throughout the years becoming more and more popular. Along with different designs came a variety of nicknames as well. Two of the more famous ones were man bag and man purse.
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Various Handbag Styles and Designs.
Over the years handbags have dramatically changed in type and size. Seen as fashion accessories they were categorized according to their shape.

Such As:
* Barrel – Named for it’s closed tube appearance, which has shoulder length straps
* Clutch – A rectangular bag without handles that usually had removable chains
* Half Moon – Just like it’s name suggests this handbag is in the shape of a half crescent moon
* Baguette – A tiny pocket book which resembles a loaf of French bread
* Drawstring – Containing a cord for closing and shoulder length straps, this bag is a highly sought after for evening activities
* Tote – An open top bag with extra room for carrying various packages with two straps on top
* Wristlet – Small purse with a decorate strap
* Pocketbook – Rectangular shaped bag that’s generally small
* Bucket Bag – A handbag in the shape of a bucket that closes with drawstrings
* Sling Bag – A pocketbook that stretches across your body by a long widened strap that rests on the back
* Satchel – Small handbag with a soft case that’s constructed of leather

As you can see there are numerous names for handbags, which basically serve the same purpose of caring personal items.
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Popular Brand Name Handbags and Purses.
When it comes to handbags there are numerous famous designers that have a long line of unique pocketbooks.

Handbag Designers:
* Gucci
* Prada
* Burberry
* Michael Kors
* Chanel
* Coach
* Dolce & Gabbana

Founded in 1921 by famous Italian designer Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy. This popular company has become one of the top dealers of leather products. As a matter of fact, Gucci was mentioned in BusinessWeek magazine as one of the best global brands.

One-hundred and four years ago in Milan, Mario Prada created top of the line luxurious Italian handbags. After inheriting the business in 1978, Miuccia brought sales up more than $450,000. Which are available in department stores worldwide.

Considered to be a British luxury fashion house, Burberry is one of leading handbag manufactures around. Which was established in 1856 by fashion market developer Thomas Burberry. Used by many famous celebrities as a form of status.

Michael Kors.
Michael Kors is a well known producer of fashion clothing and accessories. Based out of New York City, it was founded by Karl Anderson, Jr. Who is both the chief creative officer and honorary chairman of his own company.

Well known for their amazing fragrances and fashion, Chanel also has wonderful pocket books. A privately owned company in France, which was nicknamed after Coco. Whose handbags are carried by top fashion models around the world.

A multinational fashion establishment from New York City, Coach has luxurious bags for both men and women. Through a buyout in the 1960’s, Lillian and Miles Cahn took over the company. After hiring Bonnie Cashin in 1961, the Coach handbags became one of the most popular items around.

Dolce & Gabbana.
Two Italian fashion designers who met unexpectedly while traveling through Milan. Becoming the best of friends the duo came up with a plan and that’s how Dolce & Gabbana came into existence. Getting their line of products shown at the “Milan Fashion Week” celebration. Being recognized for their top quality fashion apparel and pocketbooks.